Turbine Flowmeters


Turbine Flowmeters


Toos Vemmtec was founded aiming to achieve national self-sufficiency in producing turbine gas flowmeters.

Blessed with professional staff and required hardware and software equipment and using modern management methods in producing gas turbine flowmeters and other measurement products, including electronic gas volume and flow correction devices, it works as a joint venture in which the foreign shareholder is the German company of Vemmtec.

The products of the company include turbine flowmeters in sizes of 2, 3, 4 and 6 inches, classed from 150# to 600# and measurement range of G40 to G1000. The entire production process, including manufacturing, assembly, test and calibration of the turbine flowmeters is executed under supervision of the German partner and according to international standards in Iranian plant. It is noteworthy that installation of the new calibration facility with capacity up to 6,500 m3/hr has been done and production of 8 to 16 inch flowmeters is part of the company’s R&D programs right now.

Toos Vemmtec has had the honor of working with different Iranian and middle eastern oil, gas and petrochemical industries and power plants and it seeks product development and promotion of customer satisfaction taking a global approach.

  • Ranked by presidential department of Strategic Planning and Control
  • NIGC’s number one rank for manufacturing gas pressure reducing and metering stations
  • Highest rank on performance evaluation of the provincial gas companies
  • Holder of certificates for quality management, safety, health, environment, . . .