About Petro Gas Parsa Company

Petro Gas Parsa was founded in 2002 in a production space of 10,000 square meter area for producing parts and equipment and executing oil, gas and petrochemical projects. The company’s strategic goal from the beginning, was to achieve and exploit the latest technology of the Western Europe in manufacturing equipment and materials needed for oil and gas projects and it has been successful in proving the best quality of its products.

In line with its all-round development and production capacity promotion, the company has transferred a state-of-the-art technology from Western Europe and is now producing all the necessary parts for oil, gas and petrochemical industries under the license.

To develop and expand its products and services, Petro Gas Parsa has invested in electrofusion polyethylene fittings and valves, forced draught heaters, dry filter, separators and scrubbers as well as purchasing 3 companies Arvin Andoozan Saveh (valve manufacturer), Toos Vemmtec (turbine gas meter manufacturer), and Petrogas Caspian (safety shut off valve manufacturer).

Encouraged by several satisfied clients in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Petro Gas Parsa Group is now one of the leading companies in producing and manufacturing equipment and services with more than 30,000 square meter production space and modern facilities exploiting knowledge and experience of more than 300 skillful engineers and experts.

  • Ranked by presidential department of Strategic Planning and Control
  • NIGC’s number one rank for manufacturing gas pressure reducing and metering stations
  • Highest rank on performance evaluation of the provincial gas companies
  • Holder of certificates for quality management, safety, health, environment, . . .