Plug Valves


Plug Valves


ARANSA Lubricated Type Plug Valves are available in Regular, Short, Venturi Pattern or Full port. These terms are defined in API 6D and API 599. The different patterns vary as regards end to end dimension and port area for a given size of valve.

Regular Pattern valves have the largest port area. Short Pattern valves have a reduced port area as a consequence of their compact face to face dimension which is identical to those for wedge gate valves. Venturi Pattern valves have a reduced port area and a flow path approximating a venturi shape to aid pressure recovery face to face and end to end dimensions conform to ANSI B16.10 and BS 2080.

Preventing the body from being deformed at high pressure is a hard task for the designer in design of a heavy duty plug valve. ARANSA Company
is using a kind of advanced software to analyze the body’s stress at high pressure to check out the deformation value. Please see the pictures of valid
reinforced body.

Every ARANSA valve is subjected to a 100% pressure test according to API 6D requirements. Manufacturer’s material test reports and Inspection and Test Certifications are available upon request.

Some of the additional inspections and tests performed are:

  • Random Radiography Inspection of Body and Bonnet Castings to ASME B16.34 Appendix B
  • Random Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties Verification of Fasteners to ASTM A-193/A-194 Liquid Penetrate Inspection of Seat Rings
  • Visual Inspection of Casting to MSSSP-55
  • Receiving, In-Process, and Final Dimensional Inspections to Relevant Valve Standards
  • Other inspections or tests can be performed or evaluation criteria applied when specified by the customer.

ProductPLUG VALVE SIZE 1” TO 24” CLASS 150, 300, 600
ConstructionAPI 6D 2014 / API 599 / ASME B 16.34 / IGS-M-PL-002-1 (4)
Fire safe designAPI 6FA / ISO 10497 / BS 6755 Part 2 / API 607
Face-to-face dimensionsAPI 6D 2014 / ASME B16.10
End-to-end dimensionsAPI 6D 2014 / ASME B16.10
Flange end dimensionsASME B16.5 / ASME B16.47 / MSS SP - 44
Butt welding end dimensionsASME B16.25 / ASME B31.4 / ASME B31.8
TestingAPI 6D 2014 / API 598
CoatingSSPC-paint 22 / IGS-M-TP-014-1 / IGS-M-PL-021
As per client request (Paint, Polyurethane, Coaltar)
H2S serviceANSI / NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156