Process Solutions

Process Solutions

In facilities encompassing 20,000 m² together with a skilled team of professionals, Petro Gas Parsa (PGP) currently manufactures natural gas pressure reducing and metering stations, in cabinet and flat types.

With capacities ranging from 100 scmh to 300,000 scmh in different pressures and flows, these stations serve transmission and distribution, industrial, residential, and power plant projects.

Due to its huge stocks, Petro Gas Parsa (PGP) is capable of manufacturing stations according to requested capacities, in the shortest possible time frame.

Petro Gas Parsa has already reached new frontiers by exporting these stations to Middle East and Africa.

Manufacturing and production of more than 8,000 gas pressure reducing and metering stations in cabinet and flat (open air) types with capacities from 160 to 1,000,000 sm3/hr and construction of more than 50 sets of stations with heater and filter separator for power plants and petrochemical plants inside and outside of Iran (Mobin Petrochemical, Ghaen, Yazd, Taban, Iran Shahr, Hormozgan, KhoramShahr, Mapna, Assaluyeh, Syria, Tanzania, UAE power plants and so on)

  • Ranked by presidential department of Strategic Planning and Control
  • NIGC’s number one rank for manufacturing gas pressure reducing and metering stations
  • Highest rank on performance evaluation of the provincial gas companies
  • Holder of certificates for quality management, safety, health, environment, . . .